Los Ultimos Incas (The Last Incas) is a Peruvian ethnic-rock band with over 10 years of career. They mix the progressive rock and Peruvian typical music as a way to express the new frame of mind of the new Peruvian citizen: ¨looking back into our rich past to highlight the wisdom of our ancestors and their passion for nature, but also looking forward to the future, to improve and innovate. This is the band´s motto.

_JCE4091Throughout these years, Los Ultimos Incas have been performing and touring in Peru and abroad, alongside with very important fellow musicians and ethnic-rock bands in the region like Lucho Quequezana, Del Pueblo y del Barrio and La Sarita from Peru, Los Jaivas and Inti Illimani from Chile, Bajo Fondo Tango Club from Argentina, among others.

The band has also released four CDs: Los Ultimos Incas (2000), Hecho en Peru (2003), Los Ultimos Incas en vivo (2007) and Naturaleza Luminosa (2011). They have won rave reviews about their last work ¨Naturaleza Luminosa¨, which was recently released and presented during their tour to Chile on November 2011.

_JCE4277Currently, Los Ultimos Incas’ members are: Hans Chara (leading vocals), Arturo Astocondor (electric and acoustic guitar), Alfredo Quequezana (Peruvian charango and drum box), Christian Huaman (drums), Guillermo Vásquez and Abner de la Sota (Peruvian pan flutes and flutes), and Jorge de Souza (electric bass).

Los Ultimos Incas’ sound reflects the sound of the new Peru, the emerging country that is proud to have a mix of flavors, cultures and hearts. The sound of a country that makes it possible the communion of its millennial culture with the contemporary world. As they state in their press conferences, Los Ultimos Incas are not only “the last Incas” (as the name means from its literal Spanish translation), but they are also – as we all are – “the latest Incas”, an improved version of ourselves.